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Poor Reggie! What a day he's having. This was a fun read. Love the dialogue:) Great writing! Would be good to hear "the rest of the story." Hate to think that Reggie has to live this out forever. Let him redeem himself in a future story, okay?! LOL!
How cute! I'm curious too- what happens next? Fun story.
Okay, ya got me. That was fun, but I, too, want to know what happens to Regina now.
Excellent job on the dialog, and the characterization was also wonderful. I'd also love to see "Dumb Girls II, the sequel". ;)
Engaging story...I want more!
Great job all around.
"Yer a girl"???
Well, I never saw THAT coming!!
I loved the dialogue. This was well written. I want to know what happens next.
Never saw the ending coming...good job! The only red ink I have is that it's hard for me to read a story that tries to phonetically mimic accents. One or two words to give a hint is okay, but more than that and my reading slows. I guess I know what the words should be, and when they're not, it stalls my momentum in reading the story. Other than that, I loved this!
Excellent! I love those unexpected endings.
Very clever, and I definitely didn't see the twist coming! I loved the dialect, too.

My only problem would be with the pronoun "he" used throughout; it's as if you're not quite playing fair with the readers. Not sure how you can get around it, though.

I love the charm and rural flavor of this, and Reggie's a super character.
Charming. Love the dialect. The last few lines made me chuckle out loud.
Can't think of anything to ink except that I got a little turned around when (s)he ran away from the raised voices and then wondered what Lizzie said. I was trying to relate the two in my mind and something wasn't adding up. Of course the ending put it all into perspective - so this is just a minor thing.

Wow. You are the queen of twist endings this week. So good - that I had to go back and see all the clues you left us. Bravo.
Wow! What a surprise ending. Very cute story. I had to go back and read it again after the twist to see how it changed my perspective. Nice job!
WOW! What a great surprise ending. You got me, and I loved this story. I want more!
Oh, you got me! I never guessed his/her secret. Very cute and, like the others, I'd like to read more of "her" adventures.
Your writing is very good on this. I love reading period pieces and thoroughly enjoyed this! Your twist was great.
I liked the pace and setting of this piece and the suprise at the end, was just that a total suprise, tieing it nicely into the theme this week.
Wonderful! This read like the words flowed perfectly. Keep up the good words.
This is written very well -- and I, too, would like the rest of the story.

The dialogue was perfect. Nice job with the topic.
I would have never thought of this take on the topic! Very creative and wondeful writing.
Oooh, very good here. I think you have a favorite! The characters were good and the twist at the end was even better, I thought that maybe Lizzie was Reggie's sister, but you certainly caught this one right on! Nice writing! ^_^
Great story....shocking ending. Well written and enjoyable to read.
Nice writing!! The ending surprised me!! THANKS FOR A GREAT READ!
Absolutely delightful--a favorite--boy! did you get me!