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I loved this story. I had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis from age 9 to 26. I totally understand and relate to this story! I especially love the last paragraph of the next to last section. I read it over and over! Nice job.
Whatever happened to tissue warnings?! You really captured not only the connections made, but also the circle, no spiral, that is formed as we grow and do what God gives us to do. Excellent. I've got to go find a tissue!
I know all so well how God uses our pain to bring others closer to Him, and uses them to bring us closer. Beautiful story!
Absolutely lovely and touching beyond words. Your descriptions are so crisp and clearly right from your heart.
Beautiful, Laury. Many of us here at FW have very similar stories, and this was very touching and affirming.
This is so encouraging and tender, not to mention beautifully written. Thanks for sharing this story.
Ah...and we continue to link together as one family in Him. Thanx for including me.
A testimony to God's word that we are one body, and when one part of the body hurts, we all suffer and share the pain. And we all rejoice with the one who has good news! Very touching.
A lovely testimony to positive connections, both in cyber space, and eternal space.
What a wonderful testamony. Trusting ourselves and others is sometimes the hardest thing we can ever do. I really liked the phrase into the ears and up to the throne room of God. Great job.
Absolutely beautiful. I don't often get tears when reading an entry, but sure did this time. -God Bless!
Dear Friend, your story did such a beautiful job of showing how the body of Christ works, and why we are here in this world. "Candy" has blessed both our lives, and here I was thinking she was just there for me in my time of need! (^&^)
This is beautiful! My own word of 'Prayerdiva' comes to mind as I read this, it is beautiful and you have definitely captured the moments of a truly memorable friendship-and the prayer that is able to reach far and beyond, this is so encouraging. ^_^
"The two hearts were drawn together at this time, in a new space called cyber, created by God Himself, for this very reason. " -- There's so much bad on the Internet. Thank God for all those who type in the Light. Beautiful story.
I'm sitting here looking at this little blank box, and really don't know what to write. Ths piece is written well, but it affected me more than you will know. Nicely done.
This is touching on sooo many levels! Master writing from start to finish!
Wow! Beautifully written and what a great testimony!
good characters, good emotion, great message! Well done! I liked this!
This is beautiful Laury. I am so glad FaithWriters has such a group of prayer warriors. Not just praying, but encouraging others to pray. Bless you for sharing.
Wow, what a moving story! A wonderful passage on the power of prayer. Great writing. God Bless.
Laury, beautifully done. Thanks for capturing the priceless relationships so many of us share on FW. And thanks for praying with me. :)