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Excellent job with the dialog and description especially. This is a wonderful slice-of-life piece.
What a sad reality for many. I'm so glad that she treated Vincent without contempt and shined Christ's love, the one thing that could make a difference. Great writing.
Great reader interest. Kept me interested all the way through. Good job. God bless.
Oh great, now I've got that song in my mind...a blast from the past...

You know what, this would make a great chapter of a novel with this name...that would cover your protagonist for all of that year...she's worth getting to know better.

Another great piece, Dee.
I agree with Jan on the novel. You did a great job with this within the word count constraints but I would love to read more!
Ah, you made me feel sad. I'm convinced there's a good kid in each and every gang member. Your writing was convincing. Very well done.
This one does beg for more than 750 words. I wanted to know more about what actually happened to Vincent. You really created some interesting characters.

Showing my age here -- did they have "computer geeks" and "dudes" when Jefferson Airplane released that song or were they listening to the oldies station? ;-) I think I've ridden this bus.
Excellent charater development and attention to detail. Your writing shines!
Wow--what a story! I loved the voice and the feelings that came through so clearly. Excellent job!
This sad story is told with excellence, as are all you stories. I love everything you write.
I love how you pull the reader in and make them feel as though they are part of this story. This was so sad, and so well done.
You've done a great job of writing this sad-ending story. I feared for and cheered for your MC. This is very good!
Isn't it strange how God places us in situations over which we seem to have no control. Her feeling sad at the end left me to wonder about so many things left unsaid that could have made a difference.
This was very impressive. Keep up the good words.
Excellent writing Dee. Your descriptions are perfect, and the dialogue is right on. Great job with the topic.
Like chocolate cake, I WANT ANOTHER SLICE! Well done.
The descriptions are so vivid, I would see the scenes. Excellent message of compassion by the MC. And the last sentence was perfect.
You make this so real, I really feel sad for her. After everything that happens, the one moment where she dares to stick up for someone and the nickname of "Girlie" you made it seem real and something that we can all relate to. Nice job, Dee! ^_^
Your writing in this story is top,top, top, TOP notch!
Fantastic! Master writing! Love the realistic dialog!
Lynda is so right! More cake please Dee. This was a great story. I actually felt sorry for Vince, even before he was killed. Your MC has depth of character. Encore! Encore!
Great writing, Dee! This would make all the home school moms cringe and be glad they are doing what they are! Keep up the great work, girlie!:)