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LOVE the twist - I definitely did not see it coming (what the twist was, that is). The foreshadowing is good (loved the elevator music choice especially).
I agree, didn't see the twist coming...this is great...loved it...good representation of the topic...Brenda
I did NOT see that ending coming. Just goes to show you might want to check on the details in that job description! Well done.
I really enjoyed this read. Great twist, well-defined character and lovely descriptions. that's 750 well used words! Well done.
I LOVE it! Super ending! How on earth did you come up with this?
LOL. This is great. What a creative story. I loved the ending, where he had to fire the other Jacobs. Very well written.
Excellent writing and story on this topic! The 'funny' thing is that the hatchet man himself almost always gets 'axed to leave' too.
Hum... I wonder if Kathy will pass the productivity test?
Oh, this is creative! All the details are so intriguing. Excellent writing.
Wow, what an ending! This is INcredibly creative. I felt like I was watching a show on tv. Very, very good.
Bet he didn't see that end coming! Nice job of pulling me straight into the story and keeping my attention throughout, the twist at the end is very good, as I didn't expect him to be the 'hatchet' man. Nice job! ^_^
Didn't see that one coming! Great story! Right on topic.
What a great piece of irony. You had me guessing the whole read and wanting to know more about everything that was happening or going to happen.
Oh, this had the greatest twist at the end. Ouch! And the fact that the first one he had to fire was the other "Jacobs". Very clever. Fantastic entry for this topic.
That hurt! This is a well written piece with an unexpected ending. Kudos!
Very well done and so creative too!
Ooh, what a great ending. This is perfect for the topic. Your POV and dialogue were excellent.
Right on topic! What a blow to the ego to find out you're nothing but a hatchet man. In this case, the MC knows what to expect from a company like this one. (Nothing good, that's for sure.)
Faust was a great tell. Great details of the rooms. I wonder how long he will last with the great Santini.