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This is a very sad woman but you are certainly right on topic.
Wow, such a twist on the proverb. Thanks for sharing this sad sad tale.
Very creative take on the topic - she certainly was NOT gold - her attitude OR her looks. Very nicely done.
Great story. I was really liking the interaction of the waitress with the little girl and the customers. I could picture her flirting, being friendly and fun. It was shocking to see the change in her looks and attitude when she got home. You're right on topic. Great writing. God bless.
This entry is difficult to comment on for me because it required multiple reads to connect the two aspects of the characters personality. This is definately a great take on this weeks topic.I have to think that the attitude change was from backgroung issues with other peoples reactions to her post cancer appearance or her inability to deal with her lost beauty. Great, thought provoking writing.
Right on target with the theme. This story begs for part II. Something good needs to happen to that waitress. Even though she has a bad attitude, I feel sorry for her. You made me care! :0)
The ending was different from what I expected - cancer survivor with bad attitude instead of the heroic, selfless survivor. Interesting take on the topic. Liked how the dialogue built up expectations.
Oooh, good job, you really led us astray, and I love that!
You really got me with this one. Great dialogue, charcaterization and a super super ending. Hit topic right on as well. God bless.
I knew something unexpected was going to happen at the end but you still surprised me. Excellent job!
WOW! I didn't think that she'd had chemo or something, I just figured that she was using makeup to cover scars from a past life or something. A thoroughly wonderful read. The end is so cynical, it brings the character to life. Nice job! ^_^
Sad, but you made it believable.
If only she could have a change of heart how much more "bootiful" she would be.
"Bootiful" happens to be the advertising tag for Bernard Mathews Norfolk turkeys- a big brand over here.

This piece was certainly no turkey. It was fantastic how you peeled off the mask to reveal physical and emotional ugliness beneath.