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You are a very good story-teller!
Oh, I love that it was a story told to the granddaughter - the ending was just the right touch for this lovely little tale.
What a cute story!
Great story telling! Keep it up. Great lesson, I think we can all say we have been there once or twice ;)
Wonderful, and I was particularly charmed by the epilog. Very sweet, and quite creative for this week's topic.
Very cute story! Dead on topic. Enjoyed this one a lot!
I give you an A+ on this charming, sweet story. What a lesson. I have tried to teach my kids the lesson Maryanne learned in this story. I will read this to my daughter tonight, for sure. (Just like the grandmother, I love to use stories to teach my children.} I waas like "Oh, how sweet" when we saw that the grandmother told the story. Very well written. Your descriptions and details were vivid. I could picture it all. Bravo.
Awwwww....this one made me cry at the end. Excellent story on this topic!
I liked all the doubles here:
The double meaning of charm.
The double example of the deceptiveness of both the game and the prize.
And finally, the story within the story.
Oh my stars, this is just the cutest story ever. I love little girls and grandmas, so you scored big with me. Creative idea for the topic. Very well done.
Incredibly charming and creative.
Awww! This was cute! I liked seeing Snowy through her eyes and I was hoping she'd get him, but ending made me a little mad-lol, after all of that, that Snowy wasn't what he'd looked like. This was a fun read and I think you nailed the topic! ^_^
I am smiling at the sweet simplicity of this story. What a gifted story teller you are. A message wonderfully tied in a kercheif. Held my attention all the way through.
You had me cheering throughout even though I knew the bear would turn out to be a dud. :-( Wonderful object lesson - great title (I get it!). I liked the touch where the prize smelled - nice that you made us see and smell the prize. This is excellent.
You made it so real that I was right there with you all the way. What a delightful story!
Very clever, loved the play on words all the way through.
This is just perfect for illustrating the proverb. Your writing is very captivating.
You've captured that childhood moment when children discover that things aren't always what they seem. I had moments like that, and the disappointments were sooo sad, but what lessons I learned through those moments!
Wow ... what an awesome story teller! I lived every moment and every emotion. VERY WELL DONE!
Very impresive. Great job, in fact, beyond just a great job. Masterful can be over used, but this is masterful, anointed story telling. God bless.
Beautifully written piece that is perfectly on topic. A charming, captivating story with a wonderful message. Superbly done!