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This was chilling and made me cry. You did a good job of getting to the root of strongholds, though. Discontentment can drive us all to something if we let it. This piece was full of passion but sprinkled with grace.
Excellent writing, excellent application of the topic, heart-breaking situation. The only thing I'd re-think is the title, as it was the title of a horrid little animated Christmas movie. This piece is outstanding, and deserves its own outstanding title!
This was well written and brought about a sad response as I read it so your job is complete. I agree with Jan, it does deserve a better title. Good job!
This brought tears to my eyes and sent goosebumps up and down my arms. This is so incredibly sad. I can't even begin to know what it would be like for that daughter. I've been through my share of 'family approval' and I can definitely relate to this heart-wrenching piece. This is a special favorite of mine this week. Truly beautiful writing. ^_^
This one really hits you right in the heart... a lot of sadness here, even the ending for everything that was missed. I agree the title could be different, but overall, well written.
Very moving and honest account of holiday and family turmoil. I think you should come up with another title, too, for this really deserves its own identity. (Though, I can see why you chose that title!) You told this story very well!
Your choice of a letter was perfect for this beautifully-crafted, haunting story.
This would be good to submit along with a longer article about how to write a letter to a relative who is deceased. It may help a lot of people to get their thoguhts and feelings down like you did.
Dianne -- Your title is very clever. I'm wondering if this may be true. This is so heartbreaking. Oh, if many young parents could read this. Your haunting letter is very well written.