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A ha! You got me at the end. Very clever.
Absolutely adorable. Love the French flavor of this, and the film noir feel, then the awesome kicker.
Shades of "Lady and the Tramp" does Paris. What a fun story with a surprise ending. Kudos!
A cheeky and altogether delightful twist. I wondered if there wasn’t a discontinuity in that the hunter’s car seems suddenly to be at hand when he has been chasing his prey on foot.
One idea for improving the story further would be to use a little foreshadowing in the opening paragraphs. Not enough to give the game away, but just the right amount to have the reader kick himself on a second read.
This is an absolute gem of a story, descriptive, witty, clever--my favorite this week.
Oh, you got me! You hooked me in wondering who he was following. Then I wondered what "they" were up to. I'm thinking spies? lovers? Then.... aaaargh! ;-D Too funny.
Very clever - and I have a much better picture of Paris than previously...
So nice to be brought back to the real Paris--the cold, wet, back street place that I'm sure mongrels love :) Great writing, and you managed the lead up to the twist really well.
I kept expecting Humphry Bogart to step out of the mist at any moment.
Fabulous read.
You had me on the edge of my seat. Cute.
That's the most fun I've had reading the challenge entries. THANKS!
This was really fun to read. You kept the suspense growing at a nice pace. And the writing fit the setting perfectly.

Nice job with the topic.
Oh this is so fun to read. The twist really surprised me. Wonderful writing. You are so clever!
velvet cloth - smothered sounds - nice imagery - and very cute ending... tres tres good
Your sense of setting and atmosphere is tres bien...I could sense it all. I liked the way you got the reader into your protagonist's head as well. And the story line...what a delightful suprise!
Ha! Ya got me! This was an entertaing read with a delightful ending. Five stars!
ROFL!!! Oh, what a gem! You had me hook, line, and sinker until that delightful 'end'ing! Such a treat! Love it!
I can just see this one as a delightful animated short film. Great fun and so well written!
Absolutely delightful - love the atmosphere, the intrigue, and the COMPLETE surprise twist at the end. I'll bet this was an absolute blast to write!
Great writing DEE... You got me but I loved being GOT! Your writing is masterful in my opinion!
ROFL! The ending is really good, I was expecting a big spy story, but was delightfully surprised with this twist to the tail-er-tale! Excellent job, especially with the rich descriptions of Paris. LOVED IT! ^_^
Absolutely delightful!
Merci Madame
You had me hook in the first paragraph. Love the descriptive writing and surprise ending. This is a delight!
You got me!! What a fun read--and so different!! I loved it! :-) hugs!
This is wonderful!!! I LOVE THE FRENCH! You did great with the french shading from the escargot to the bishon... Great work!! Magnifique! (not sure if I spelled that right :) )
I sure hope you take this as a compliment. I didn't make it past the second paragraph. I will sometime, and I'll comment again, but for now, those first two paragraphs are WRITING. I read the first one three times before making it to the second and then together twice. It's good music. I'll get to the rest later.