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His daughter!? I didn't see that one coming! LOL Looking forward to an Easter enstallment! :-)
OK, I reread A Crepe Heart (1) and now I can see that, yes, it is his daughter! :-) But, again, I enjoyed both chapters.
Lovely sequal to The Crepe Heart. I'm looking forward to the continuation of the story.
Like the way you make me feel like I'm in France and the unobtrusive translations - hate it when they're not included and and I'm clueless. Forgot this was a Christian site for a moment and thought, are we headed for a Knights Templar story? Then again we might be with a well dubbed twist.
Loving this journey that we are on!
I had to go and read Crepe Heart in order to understand. I truly enjoyed this, it was absolutely wonderful. You are very talented.
P.S... thank you for your encouraging words on "Legacy of 102 Candles."
I love mysteries! You've written this so well that I forgot it was a challenge entry and just enjoyed reading it!
Where have I seen that "floppy tan hat" before?! ;) You have a following with this wonderful series, please don't stop now - we've only got one more week! Congratulations on a job well done! (saying this as I twirl a party noise maker!)
good second installment. wonder what happens next!?! :-)
Good air of mystery here. A bit confusing as a stand alone,and for the challenge it should be able to stand alone. Some details don't match up. You wrote that the envelope was addressed to him, but then said he found her niece's B card. Yes is Oui, unless you are going for the lazy French way of saying 'we' with a short e sound.