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This sounds like a plot from the corporate execs to trick us into buying flowers and cards and chocolates all year long! ROFL! I loved the humor here. Great piece!
AMEN!! This story stands endorsed by the Society of Women Who Love to be Loved Every Day. Three thumbs up! :)
Donald Trump, eat yer heart out. Bravo. Lets make every day Valentines day!
Please run for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.... you'd get my vote. (And I bet a whole lot of others...)
I agree! It is a ploy. Enjoyed the humor, and I like your plan to counteract it. Great job!
Okay, I mean I enjoyed your plan to counteract the plot, not your humor...the fingers got a little ahead of the brain, there! :)
Lots of fun! Women of the world are uniting after reading this - the applause is deafening! Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Very well crafted article and well thought out. Yes, I agree show your women you love them every day and not only on one special day.
Haha! I liked this. Sounds good to me!
Got me in, from ba humbug to gifts of love. You made a good point, well.
Excellent work!
As a woman I totally agree with you! Welldone!
Think the savy men of this world will fall for this ploy to give us more than a once a year thought of love? Well, it was worth the try and you did a good job trying!;)