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Simply beautiful...I love the dialogue, it's so realistic...

The ending is great (for lack of a better word.)

"Through the eyes of a child"...great story...
Clever! And so sweet. I never would have guessed he was talking to his poodle, but I could imagine just what he was seeing through the descriptions. Right on topic, too.
Sweet - and lovely job with the dialog/dialect. Enjoyed this.
This was very good with a surprise ending!
Simply brilliant!
Extremely well written. God bless.
Only one word to say about this precious entry: awwwwwwwwww.
The language is wonderful, and the ending is a delightful surprise.
I enjoyed this unique perspective, and surprise ending.
Creative title, clever beginning and superb ending. Your dialect is perfect, too. I betcha this one's a keeper!
Love the ending! I thought he was talking to a friend, not a cute dog! I loved the dialouge here, it just fit so right and especially seeing all of this through young eyes. Your title fits great too!
Sweet story, sweet writing. My heart was`warmed this morning.
If you could hear me, I'm oohing and aahing. You've created a beautiful piece of art with this story. I loved it!
The funny thing is we did this as kids -- we always 'spied' on mom and dad to see --and especially hear-- what the grown-ups were up to! Excellent writin'!
I loved this one for many reasons... starts well and ends sweet but yet believable.. not syrupy sweet but REAL... love your dialect... and characters... good writing.. a winner in my book! Dianne
Love it! The dialogue was well written and the ending wrapped it up so perfectly.
What great examples his parents are and what a great friend he has to share his life with.
Absolutely precious. I could picture the little one holding fast to his pup- and it warmed my heart. Great writing :)
Oh, I LOVE it! (I betcha you had a great time writing this one!!) I could see it happening, and seeing it through the little boy's eyes made it special. Great job!!
I betcha this is one of my favorites this week! This was just precious and priceless. You did such a wonderful job of writing this story!
This is just precious. I really love all the boy's observations in his special voice, and then to find out he's talking to his dog...brilliant!
What a delightful story. I love dialect and the POV for this topic. A few of the things he said didn't seem realistic until I realized he was talking to a toy. Fun read.
Good job, Verna. I wondered about the silence of the one the little boy was talking too. We found soon found out at the end. Well done.

That sure brought back a lot of memories with my own mother's "last nerve." Not all of them are fond memories though. Me and last nerves never really got along too well. LOL
What a cute story with a twist I never would have expected! You're such a great writer!