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Super allegory--unwrapping spiritual gifts and realizing that they were not all intended for her was a very clever idea.

But...who were all the others for? Mady? Seems like this aspect of the story could be refined a little bit.

Love the tone, especially in the first half.
Very clever, with great description. You did a wonderful job with this.
This was very creative - I like the fact that she chose peace.
Super idea! I loved the analogy--and you're so right! Not everyone can handle every spiritual gift. Great job! Hugs!
Amazingly creative and imaginative. I absolutely will NEVER forget this analogy. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
Great job of bringing the message that we are all given a gift that is unique to us. And, when we realize our gift, we have peace. Excellent writing on topic.
Very creative for this topic. I like the gifts being wrapped and given to each person, and I don't know how I'd handle them all, either. I like that she was given peace because of the situation her husband was in.
An allegory! This is beautiful picture. I wasn't sure, at first, who Olivia was. I like the part where she feels like a child again, opening the gifts.
What a creative entry! I loved your ideas and the message behind the story. Great job!
Very interesting, creative, and thought-provoking
I kept being sorry that she didn't follow her instructions, but then you wouldn't have had such a great story. SOOO crative.
I really like the gifts wrapped as actual presents, and finding out that not all of the gifts were for her. I was/am confused as to why the angels left all of the gifts.

The ending gave me tears. I'm so glad faith was her gift -- she needed it.
Smart, creative and well written. Great job. Superb concept. God bless.
Okay, this is my biggest WOW this week! I am amazed at this. Faintly reminding me of the Christmas Carol, this is far more memorable and powerful. I loved the ending and everything here was so incredibly real I felt as if I were there with her through the whole thing. Great job of show and not tell. Loved this piece! Great writing! ^_^
Beautiful, well-thought out entry. Each gift was perfectly illustrated. Very good writing!
I was wondering where you were going with this....then I got it! What a clever way to play with this week's topic. I like that the other gifts are good - but there are some that are especially for each one of us.