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I especially liked the account of the 6-year-old preaching as his mom cooks. Very nice. Thank you for sharing!
This is an excellent non-fiction entry--you used a great hook to get us interested, used real-life examples, and communicated an important message without making us feel preached at. Three for three!
It sounds like you have an aspiring pastor under your roof. Amazing insight for a child of six! I love your last paragraph.
Great devotional -- wonderfully written. Your title is perfect!!
Joanney, you are such a blessing. Your heart resonates thru whatever you write. I really liked this. God bless.
Very fine writing. I love the illustrations, too. I like the son's swift week, too!
This reads like a devotional. I liked the message, and the last paragraph was precious. Nicely done.
This was pretty good! I liked the bit with the blocks and every thing, my only note, is in the first paragraph you missed one change to the first person POV, it is in Third person intead of first.
God can use even children to open our eyes to his truths. Maybe He will do that yet, with your friend.
Out of the mouths of babes! You did a great job of showing us how a child can grasp the deep things of God. Bravo!
This is a wonderful message presented in a very interesting way.
A beautiful, instrospective and reflective epistle that ministered to me today. Great job, thank-you!
Kids always seem to "get it" deep down in the heart before adults do. I suspect that's why the Bible tells us to have the faith of a child. What a clever approach to the topic. Well done.
Excellent hook and description - you kept me completely engaged from beginning to end.
Your title dew me in. A great message here, with a precious story intertwined to keep our interest. My only critique would be the switch from 1st to 3rd person, but that may have been intentional on your part. Great job with this topic! (and the ending was TOO cute!) :) Cat
Thank you for the link, Joanney. What a wonderful little preacher man! I'm reminded how important it is to train our children to be strong in the Lord in order to be able to face whatever persecutions lie ahead. Bravo, friend!
Joanney, I plan to highlight this excellent story in the Front Page Showcase for the week of May 5. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!
Congratulations Joanney! So glad to see this in the Showcase - excellent story.
Congratulations on the featuring of your story.. Excellent writing and looking at life through a six year old. Thank you for sharing
I missed this the first time around, so glad it was showcased. Such insight in this. Wonderful how your message came across without being preachy. Congratulations!
Wow, it is amazing how clearly children see things. Wish we could all be like that - seeing clearly. Thank you for the reminder that there will be persecution in our lives in whatever form.
I love the six-year-old's sermon. How cute ...and convicting! Congrats on being the FW Frontpage showcase author.
Congrats on being in the showcase this week! :)
Well done! What an excellent illustration of the importance of standing on Christ when trials come. He keeps us strong in the storm! Let the little ones speak! Our "grown-up" minds often get in the way of grasping God's lessons. It seems to me that the more we lean on our own understanding, the less we understand. We must have simple faith like that little boy. Great reminder! God bless you and your writing.