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I have long held this philosophy of helping people by just being there but the way you put this in words literally took my breath away.
This is a very good reminder. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful poem!
Excellently said... my dad died in September. After 59 years of marriage, mom has been expressing these sentiments daily... Thank you
You knocked this one out of the ballpark, girlfriend!
I haven't read them all yet, but this is one of the best. Top notch, excellente!!!!!!!
I like this for all the reasons I love to write and read. Bravo, Faithwriter! God bless.
So much truth in this amazingly powerful piece. The repetition is very effective.
Wow - What a lesson for us to learn about how to deal with someone's grief. This was excellent.
Only someone who's gone through this could write this. Well done.
One of the best entries I've read this week. Wow. This is going in my favorties.
Beautiful and so true for the newly grieving. You nailed it!
This is so real and honest. Amazing writing.
This gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. It is so well put. The repeating verse is beautiful and oh so true. Just sit with me. Cry with me. Excellent writing!
This is a perfect discription of how I felt when my father passed away. I just wanted someone to sit with me and cry with me too. Your entry is just wonderful and moving!
Absolutely excellent article for helping someone through the early stages of depression. So many people go so heavy when trying to help someone who is depressed, when all they need to do is be there. The 'heavy stuff' will come much later at the Lord's perfect timing. Great stuff!
Powerful words. I believe I actually learned something here. Thank you.
Congrats Sherri! I knew this was super. God bless.
I told you it was "WOW!" Congratulations on your EC!!!

Very fitting that you would get EC in Encouragement being that you are such a great encourager yourself!
This is so tender and emotional--and it speaks to my heart. Congratulations on your is much deserved!
Congratulations on your EC win! I suspected as much.
Shari - congrats on EC. This piece definitely deserves it. I've been telling people about this one.
Sheri -- I'm so glad this placed! Congrats!
Congratualtions, Sheri! It's about time for you to move on up! I'm glad we're going together! Great poem, I can't beleive I missed it. I love free verse and you wrote a nice one!