The Official Writing Challenge
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Very clever... the FWs participating in the contest will get a kick out of this. Be sure to throw bricks!!
Well written and funny. I wasn't expecting the ending.
Clever and fun - I hope a bunch of NaNo folks get a peek at this one! Excellent job with the dialog.
What fun! I've been seeing this on the message boards (and I didn't have a clue) :) Thanks!
This story made me chuckle. Good job.
I can so relate to this NaNoINSANEo. Hee hee

From one fellow Wrimo to another.

(Now back to work! Word count needs a serious increase today...)
I so loved this!! LoL. I loved your voice, I loved the girl's personalities, I loved it all! :-)
So, are your 50k logged in yet? LoL. *walking away chuckling and shaking my head*
You go, Girl!! Hugs!
LOL - sigh -not only are you SO far ahead of me... you even entered the challenge????

Great stuff :)
Waahh! If I were on your screen, my dot wouldn't even register! But, I did give it a go...wonder if I'll EVER reach 50,000?
I started smiling after the second sentence. This is so cute and so true! Good job, and thanks for giving me a nudge to go write some more words tonight. (;
Great dialogue, message and characerization. Three of my favorite things. Loved the title to. Also, you're writing was snappy with good pace which adds to reader involvement and wanting to finish. Overall, very impressive and inspiring. God bless.
By helping others, we end up helping ourselves. This flowed so naturally and was so easy to read with a good message. Great job.
Your charactors were so fun to read about. I really liked this one. You give a great message.
I'm not doing NaNoWriMo, but this made me chuckle anyway. Your characters are believable. What a fun read.