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Love the way the class embraced Kim...wonderful example of Christian love. Also, liked the way conflict was handled. Great story with a timely message.
I felt MYSELF being drawn into this web of love - great dialog and action.
Wonderful story - packed with emotions - it moved so well keeping me right there. Good writing!!
There is nothing like a church family to help us over the rough spots in life. You demonstrated this very well. Thanks for a good read.
Thanks for demonstrating very well how love among the church's members makes a difference.
You really showed how hard is to go back when something difficult happens in your life and you think you have lost some ground. I thought this was very good!
What a precious story! Your title is a perfect description of the community we can find in a spiritually strong and mature Sunday School class.
Wonderful story, Peej! My daughter miscarried twice this year and it's been hard for her, but she has a "web of love" surrounding her with her S.S friends and church family. I really related to this!
You made the setting, the dialogue all so, so realy. I felt like I was right there in church with them. And the message is absolutely right on as well as to how Sunday Schools can and should affect us all.
This is really good. It was very touching seeing the Sunday school class protect one of their own. Very nice writing, and good job with the topic.
Oh, I have tears in my eyes. You story has touched me deeply. "Kim" is so blessed to have friends who know just what to do and say, and what NOT to say. It was especially precious to watch her friends protect her from the others who mean well, but just don't say the right things. Wonderful!!! Oh, and the writing was great, as well. Top Notch, and may I say MASTERful?
What a beautifully woven web of love! I enjoyed this, not too long and with just enough detail and a bit of suspense over what was bothering Kim. You did great with this one! ^_^