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I love her little conversation with the shells. Excellent job of characterization.
Now this is a kind of fellowship I never anticipated. Unique! I really enjoyed the MC in your story, and I like the hint of a new type of relationship on the horizon.
This story really captured my imagination. It is like something I would imagine happening to lucy Ricardo me! In crowds I tend to lose people and end up stranded. Wow! So cute and funny and I loved the ending.
Creative & nicely done!
TOO cute and extremely creative!
I picked your story because of the title. Very good, and how creative for the topic! I never thought of fellowshiping with shells. In my opinion, you pefectly captured what you were trying to do here. Good job.
Absolutely adorable--I love her name, and her concern over her seashell people. This is charming!
I enjoyed the journey from thinking that she enjoyed being alone in her sorrow to the realization that she still needs other people. Great story and great twist on the topic.
Really enjoyed the MC, her thought process and the shell people. Wonderful sense of place on the beach.
You had your mc's voice down perfectly. I loved the feeling "peckish." You don't hear that word every day. You did an excellent job with your creative entry.
Very nice and smooth as usual. I liked the MC. God bless.
I smell a romance. Very nicely done.
I'm a sucker for a beach story. Unique twist on fellowship, too. This is well written.
What a beautiful character you've created here. You did a wonderful job of putting this reader on the beach. Wonderful job.

Now excuse me while I go rinse the sand out from between my toes. :)
I love the fact that there was no fear at all in the fact that she had been left behind. She was content with her shells and perhaps a little salad. I could see a movie arising out of this piece. Any chance?