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I really enjoy your ability to write dialogue. You kept things moving and my attention. :-)
I had a difficult time trying to figure out what was going on. Honestly, I still don't know who was who, or why the boy (?) was going somewhere, or where he was going, or who "your people" was refering to. Is this a continuation of a story that is already in progress? I haven't read the contest entries for several weeks now...was this set up by previous entries, or is this a stand-alone snapshot?

The dialog does flow well, for what it's worth. I appreciate the effort that went into it. Maybe my head is just muddled tonight for some reason.

Thanks for posting.
Realistic dialogue, but while I understand the whole Apprentice Boys parade reference, I don't know if many others would. Excellent title.
dub-I would love to know about The Apprentice Boys Parade because I really enjoyed this piece and would love to feel the impact that I should if I understood this one thing.