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Ha! I loved this. At last a piece of non-fiction - LOL - so true to life. Well written and lots of fun.
Good job!
Blessings, Lynda
Ha! You tickled my funny bone. Your mom must have had a great sense of humor. She passed it on to you. Great piece.
Ah, the life of the angelic, uncomplaining mother.
perfect picture of a loving, if long-suffering, mother. very well written!
Haha, I hope your kids have as much discernment as you and that you never have to suffer a mothers' day like this!
Such a delightful use of irony! Good work!
Thanks so much for making me laugh. I just read one I thought was going to kill me with crying. Much better now! Always love your work.
Hi, Corinne--I've chosen this piece to be the FrontPage showcase piece for the week of May 8. It's perfect for the week of Mother's Day! Watch for it on FaithWriters home page that week. Well done!
Hah. Point well made, hehe.
How true! "We woke her early" and all those lines that show our mom how much we love her! Excellent article.
This was great. Absolutly fabualous. Great writing as well. This sounds exactly like my mom. My dad completely forgot about Mother's Day and told my younger sister that he would take her out for lunch this Sunday! I got after him. My mom, she just smiled. Blows my mind.
beautifully funny.