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Completely NUTS (hehe) - and totally fun! Love the dialog and dynamics among the characters.
Ohhhhhh-you got me! That was totally "baaadd", but funny! I was asking myself what a blue tooth was. We ancient people take a while to figure out modern technology. First story read-first laugh!
Absolutely rolling on the floor; first pup of the week.
boo...hiss...mumble...mumble...groan...(only for the ending, of course)

The red neck humor carried through nicely. The santa hat thing was a real touch.
Someday I'll get you back with the one about the pages walking through the yellow fingers!!

Just kidding - a deep chuckle for a "real keeper!"
Too bad "Bones" wasn't there...of course he would have said something like..."Jim, I'm a doctor, not a plumber." Fun! Live long and prosper.
okay- you got a half grin out of me-- the same grin my dad gets when he tells one of THOSE jokes:) overall it's a cute, funny story.
I laughed out loud (and I needed that today). Thanks for brightening my day.
Dent goes sci-fi! Loved the trekkie spin, and I wanted to ask what inspired you, but I think I'll *cough* pass *cough* 8D Nice twist, batty!
Noooooo! Frank Creed didn't say Dent. He ummmm . . . he ummm . . . well, he. . . okay he said it! But he's new here and heck if Joanne's, "Completely NUTS" didn't give this away as my entry, then you're living under a rock!! ROFL Poor Frank. He'll get the hang of it though. ;)

Oh wait, comments on this entry, ummmmm . . . I thought it was out of this world!!!!:)
09/11/07 beat me to it!!!! (thus the entry that stopped me from using my original idea -that I may still write up for general submission)
Um . . . Hey-You.
*toy with hem on shirt and stare bugged eyes at carpet*
I outed two other people.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, funniest pun EVER! (I'm a trekkie, too...)
What a hoot! My husband, the biggest Trekkie in the world, would love this.
This has a great voice, and made me smile. Thanks for sharing.
Cute idea, cute story AND well done!!
This was a fun read and goes to prove that you should never underestimate where your boldness might come from.
This is great fun! I could picture the characters so well. In fact, I think I know of few of them, seeing as how I live in "redneck" land. I did keep wondering where BOLD fit in. You got me. You got me good!
Very funny. LOL. After all the thread highjacking I used to do with Star Trek, this is a true inspiration. Great dialog and humor, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you Sue. Good job. :)