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I like the analogy of the roses.
Your story was so amazing! You've experienced an inner healing through your story that even Dr. Phil couldn't have done. And I'm sure our wise Heavenly Father will get it into the hands of just those who need healing, too. Beautiful!
It's amazing how simply allowing ourselves to express our hurts enables us to let them go. I'm sure it meant a lot to you to know how your mom reacted to your letter.
God did a great work in your heart. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Blessings, Lynda
Beautifully written.You purged your feelings on paper with such sensitivity. It's wonderful that the Great Physician can heal the deepest hurts.
I can relate to this havong experienced much the same thing with my Mother in- law.

I too liked the analogy of the rose. I also am very impressed at your use of bold and italics, and that short punchy bit (with bold and italics) about the pain. That really draws the reader's attention. Well done. This is beautiful.
I have experienced this with a couple of family members, and freedom is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! God's ways are so much better than our own, aren't they?
A story many can identify with. Sounds like your character and I have/had similar 'motherng issues'. This story appeals to me because you've avoided being overly sentimental: even though your character has been obedient that doesn't mean that everything will necessaril be great between her and her mother.
Sally, this is an excellent piece of writing. Hits the heart, but in a very real and powerful way. Well done. This line really jumped out at me, "even though my heart should have stayed just as rigid, the writing of the letter softened me." Amazing how the act of writing like this does often aid the healing. Also, just wanted to let you know that you were in the semi-finals on a very competitive week. So give yourself a pat on the back. With love, Deb
Great entry Sally. You are a very powerful writer. I felt every line.