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Very interesting approach and well written. It's amazing how one word can muster up such varieties. God bless.
Very interesting take on this story. I never imagined how betrayed and terrified Abel must have felt when he was murdered by his brother. You got me thinking!
Interesting take on this - the first murder. Wonder what lured the younger brother? This is well done and gripped my attention.
Your ending took me by surprise! Well done.
I was definitely engaged from beginning to end - and I didn't "get it" until the end. Great job of showing the action so clearly without "giving it away." The dialog felt a touch stilted (maybe some contractions would help) and there are a few grammar issues, but this is a very strong piece. Definitely not the first bible story I would have considered for the topic, but you certainly made it clear why it works!
I like the unique approach the story takes on the topic and the last three paragraphs are perfect.
You've done a good job of fleshing out the familiar story for your reader. You also had my interest before I realized it was Cain and Abel. Your last paragraph is especially good. Surely our world is groaning at the things that take place. Good writing. I really like your entry.
This is a very interesting take on this Bible story. I didn't catch it at first, either, but I was intrigued all the way through. Your last sentence is perfect for the story.
Such an intriguing entry! You have definitely brought out some things that I'd not thought about before either! I, too, love the last paragraphs especially! Well done!
You had me going until the end. I didn't have a clue who the brothers were. I see just a few minor grammar errors, but this is well done. Very creative.
Excellent writing George, even with the couple mistakes. Just proof read more. Your idea is very creative and a very good message.
Oooh... VERY creative piece for "Confused." You brought a snippet of that reknowned story alive for me. Well done!
You did a great job on this piece. I was really surprised by the ending. I loved it!
You kept me reading because I,too, wanted to know where the brother was leading the other to. It really got me off guard when it was Cain and Abel. Good writing.
What a great twist on a well known treasue of a story! Very creative.
Well, you grabbed my attention right off and you held it--firmly. I loved the brotherly dialog. :-) Very well done! :-)
Great last line, and a wonderful interpretation of this Scripture.

A few niggles--watch out for it's/its and new/knew.

Wonderful use of the topic word in a finely-written entry.