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Wonderful advice set up with sweetly simple cadence.
What a lovely poem! Your meter is perfect, and I, too, found it comforting, like you'd tenderly hold your troubled child and rock it to sleep reciting this poem.
This is a keeper! I hope it finds its way to the top of the heap where it surely belongs.
Short, sweet and so very true. Nicely done.
So lovely and well crafted. It has a wonderful rhythmn to it that makes it a pleasure to read; like a beautiful melody!
Enjoyed this poem. Wonderful advice.
Lovely poem and on target; it's what one would call "soothing" to the ear, mind and soul. Loved it!
I just love this. Marilynn nabbed it when she said it was soothing. Wonderful message in a beautiful package!
Your meter is perfect, and what a lovely poem. Very well written. Great job!
I feel as though you hugged me after a rough day at work! Great writing.
I love this!! Hugs!!
This is beautiful. The words are so comforting and your reader can feel it's from the heart. Excellent!
This reads like a piece of music--quite beautiful.
This is nice! And your title certainly fits it. Excellent job. ^_^
Beautiful and yes, very soothing. Great job.
Oh, Verna, this is lovely indeed! Just beautiful! Thank you so much for writing and sharing it with all of us in the Challenge!