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Haunting, striking, the free verse element made this so strong, it evoked anger as I read, which means it was effective, and so illustrated the topic. Well done. First into the Puppy Pen.
I'm not quite sure what happened in this poem. But I like the style and the way you capitalized the word confused. And I certainly identified with the ending.
For the first time in eons, this writer has convinced me that unrhymed poetry (called prose I believe) can make sense, be understood and appreciated. Thank you! I loved the spelling-out of Confused, the concept and the fact it made sense! Even the Title...well done!
I like the acrostic in your entry. Your work is very thought-provoking.

Only He can make sense of our lives, and He DONE it all. :)
Marvelous interpretation for "confused."
Good stuff, peanut puppy! ;)
Your last stanza, especially, is extremely effective, and I also like the repetition and the flow of this.
Very nicely done! Great writing.
Simply outstanding. Wow.
Okay...WOW! This is just amazing. I think you outdid yourself! ^_^ The flow, the emotion-the EMOTION. Really awesome. Excellent writing!
Wow. Very powerful and thought provoking. You "done" good on this one.
Very interesting and unique but most of all I liked it.

I read some words in other's comments that I don't have a clue as to what they mean. But if they mean good job, then ditto. :)