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Love the characterization. Kids will LOVE this! A sweet story with a wonderful lesson for everyone.
A cute story for everyone from kids to adults that shows that each one of us is special and made for a reason, even when we don't think that we are.
It was your title that got my attention. What a great application!
Such a cute story! I really enjoyed it. I'm glad that Betty Bumble Bee felt better in the end. :)
A sweet and special story that will appeal to kids and adults. Great job!
This is really cute for kids. I can just imagine the illustrations for this colorful story! I like the part about the butterfly resting her "middle" legs on her belly. Wouldn't that be fun to draw?
Cute title, cute story.
Wonderful--I loved the Clara Barton moment to the end, teaching us that there is always joy to be found...excellent writing.
This is marvelous. I expect to see this published — the kids will love it (and the kid in me does too!!!!!)
Very cute and family friendly. Great for us old fogies as well as the kids. Super job. God bless.
First of all, I love your MC's name. :D
This is fun and well written. Would be nice to see it illustrated.
This is a delightful story with more about honeybees than I ever knew! I enjoyed it very much.
Great children's story. Not only do you give an important lesson, kids (and adults) will also learn about bees and pollination! Fabulous.
Really cute! I could just see some adorable illustrations to go with this... kids will definately love it!
Great story. I'd love to see it with colorful illustrations!
This would make a great children's story! I love Betty, and her friend Josie. What a fun read. I'm glad she discovered her uniqueness in the end.
Adorable story. I think the story stands fine as it is without the verse, but I can see why you added it. (Just my opinion.)
You have a remarkable gift for writing children's stories. This is great! Well done!
Can I say "Bee-utifully done
: ) Love the all the aliterations with the b's, too.
This story has a great future in the children's market!