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Absolutely charming - my kids will LOVE this when I read it to them (LOL no, haven't done it yet, but I WILL!). Love Ginny's character.
A lovely story! Good job...
07/20/07 charming! A perfect children's story. Great descriptions - especially Ginny G at the end bending down to kiss Tortoise. Great message for ALL ages. Loved it!
This is a delightful children's story.

I may be the only one in the world, but I didn't know what a "gnu" was. I looked it up and learned something new. Perhaps a quick explanation after the word would help ignorant adults like me and also children.
Others have said, but I'll say it again, cause it's worth saying — great children's story here!
It's wonderful and charming. Children will love it! I can imagine many colorful illustrations for this book. :)
This is great! Such wonderful characters. Very creative story. I enjoyed this a lot. Well done!
What an adorable story, with a good, yet not preachy, message. I would love to see this illustrated.
This is a wonderful children's story. It could bring such good discussion about what makes them special and happy.
Perfect for a child, to help them to think, ream and believe. This kind of writing and talent is special. Great job.
Delightful children's story. I can see it in a full-color picture book. The only thing I wouyld change is that giraffes can't bend their knees -- she would spread her legs to bend down to kiss the tortose. Loved the message.
oooh! Well done! I can definitely see this as a kid's bedtime story! The message is great and I love how it fits "Happy" great job here! I especially liked Ginny, I think we all can relate to her at one time or another. ^_^
I love this story and it's wonderful message! Well done!
This is really cute for children, and it has a wonderful message in it. It is also well written.
I thought this was a wonderful kids story. It reminded me of the 'Jungle Doctor' stories I have been reading to my kids lately. I might read this one to them tonight instead :)