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Reminds me of my wedding - and our first kiss ever. Nicely done and a heartfelt article. Good article about purity and happiness being connected.
Lovely story - such a pity that more couples don't start their marriages like this.
Nicely written story. This is a wonderful story and example of married love the way God would like it to be.
This is very cool. We need more stories of men who take the high road, who do as God desires, not as they desire. Perhaps if other men heard enough of these stories, things might change - and we women could catch a break. :-) Excellent job, I loved the point of view.
This is just full of emotion and love and wonder. This gave me shivers.
What a lovely scene! I love weddings, but this was special. I liked how you showed this, the backtracking thoughts and remembering how even though it was hard, it was now all worth it. It truly is. Great job with this! You got a great happy note here! ^_^
Today the road of sacrifice opened the door and ushered them into happiness. -- That sentence was PROFOUND! You write with real depth.
This is so sweet! I had to think of my wedding day. I was happy and am still very happy with my husband 14 years later. But you are so right. Happy can take work. We said in the beginning, "We are going to stay married no matter what, so let's work on being HAPPILY married." That's been our goal and we feel very blessed. This is a great story!
Tremendous writing talent and such valuable insights in your story. You showed, not told, the positive side of chastity.