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You are a good story teller. This is a fun read. Very realistic dialogue especially from the teenagers. A nice reminder that our happiest moments come from important relationships.
Quality family time is so important and you captured the essence of it in these few words. Nicely done with good dialogue and good use of words. One of my favorite articles this week. :)
Great dialogue and characterization. Enjoyed this very much!
LOVE THIS! Everything from the title to the message about finding the "happy" in even the worst circumstances. Story-telling at its best. Well done!
Well, sheesh. I'm such a sap. You just about had me in tears. This was good!
Loved the family interaction. Well done.
It's the small things in life with those we love that brings happiness... that's what you have shown. I also enjoyed the humor. Excellent storytelling.
I loved the realistic dialogue. You made an excellent point about happy memories. So often, the ones that the family "survives" make it to the top of the list. I remember the Thanksgiving that my mom had to call Roto Rooter right after the meal while we all mopped up. She was distraught, but I told her that would be the one Thanksgiving that would stand out in our minds, the time we pulled together. It's so true! Point well taken! You're a gifted writer.
Wow, I really enjoyed your entry! This has all the right ingredients to make a great story. I like the characters and the "happy' ending. Very good!
I really did enjoy your family story. Your message of family togetherness was just right, and so wss the rescue.
Great story an unusual approach to happy. Good dialogue too!
This one made me smile. I'm glad it had a happy ending because happiness permeated the entire story! Unique setting and a Great job.
Kristen, I really like this one; it is such a fun story showing the value of happy memories together.
One thought for critique: I was confused by the part where you said that Timothy and Kelsey exchanged confused glances, and yet Kelsey immediately related something about the experience...
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this one!
What a creative approach to the topic -- take your characters out in a lifeboat and leave them there for awhile! Your characters were very real, and you really brought out an important point through their "happy" memories. Great Job!
LOL! This is too funny! The dialouge is perfect. I could see the expressions and hear them talking back and forth. I love how you painted each memory so different than what the others expected, the ski slope instead of the job promotion, the dress, the ball game. Loved this! ^_^
I love Tim's memory of the game and his Dad's presence. Very sweetly written!
I really liked this. Sometimes God allows a crisis to lift a family above the humdrum and day-to-day frictions and bring us all closer together. Thankfully the Waters were a healthy family.
I liked the realistic way you portrayed the characters, too.
A big tick from me - for what it's worth.
Another wonderful piece, Kristen. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your 1st Place win! Fantastic writing.
Congratulations also on your EC winner!
What a gift you have, congratulations on your win. Your story telling ability is amazing. I have a feeling you won't be in advanced long. Congrats again!
Nicely done, Kristen! 9th place in Editor's Choice! Wahoo! You will be up in Master's very soon with your talent. I can't wait to see what you write next!
Kristin, CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so excited for you on your 1st place and your EC win!!
This was so good and fun to read! Your characters were real - good dialogue - and a fun ending!! Congrats!
Woo-hoo, Kristen! Congratulations on this winning entry!!!
This was really good. Well written. No wonder it was a winner.
Kristen - way to go! This is so nice to see, not only for the story, but for the way it was told. Great writing, great talent. Keep it up and congratulations once again.
Congratulations on your EC. I really enjoyed reading this story. What a great lesson. You had me hooked from the beginning -- very realistic dialogue. Good job.
Happy , Happy to you for your #1 and your E.C. Does this one land you in Masters? I told you it wouldn't be a long stay for you!
Congrats, Kristen on a well-deserved 1st place win!!
You have loads of talent!
Yes, you'll be in Masters soon for sure! Congrats!
You seem to have a knack for realistic dialigue and for making ordinary moments part of an adventure. Congratulations on your EC! (At this rate, you'll be Masters in no time. ;) )
Terrific story, Kristen. I really enjoyed reading it, and sensed that you enjoyed writing it. Congratulations on your first place win and placing in EC. Keep up the good work.