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Excellent message, told in such an engaging manner! I love this example, and the interaction among the characters.
Good message, good story, good writing! I loved reading this!
Good point here! Nice writing - I thought I saw a POV shift one place towards the end but I could be wrong.Otherwise - very creative - could be a good published story for teens.
Very good--there's definitely an audience for this piece. Share it with your youth group, for sure.
Very good writing here. I could learn a lot from you by the great dialog you have shown between the characters. Keep up the good work!
Love this! I like the martial arts terms and atmosphere, and especially how it you surprised me in the beginning, I wasn't quite sure where you were going with it. I liked the dialouge especially, very realistic, good characters. Great writing! ^_^
Great object lesson - this could be a skit with the right people of course - who know what they're doing!
Loved it

I don't know anything about this sport, but you made it very interesting. Right on target for topic.
You made some great applications here. This would be an excellent story for teenagers. Well done.
I was just reading where people will not follow someone who is trying to lead unless they show confidence. Your story supports this and I enjoyed the way you were able to bring this out in the martial arts arena. Sounds like something you are familiar with because you did a good job - confidently in fact!
You go, girl! I love this message. A lack of Confidence is what gets many girls in trouble. This is a great, important message.
"Act confidently to show confidence." You "showed" it just right in this story.
This was an enjoyable read with a good message as well... Good job.
I liked this, good moral in the dialogue, great advice for everyone.
Good article on using confidence as a defense and how to accomplish being confident.
At the beginning, I thought this was going to be about domestic violence, but you took me in a totally unexpected direction. I wasn't sure about the message at first (act confident and you'll become confident) mainly because I'm not a confident person. You convinced me by the end, so you did you your job well. Great entry - congrats on your 22nd and 8th places!!!
Great story Peej. It left me wishing I knew some teenage girls I could share it with.