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What an amazing, well-written poem!
A wonderful poem that spoke to my heart.
I love especially the imagery/word picture in the very first stanza. Wonderful message as well!
What a warm, wonderfully evocative poem. Confidentally written, beautifully balanced
I liked what you captured here and especially this, "I have no laurels left to offer,
No ribbons to pronounce my love;
Ill give her just the cross of Christ
And know that it will be enough." Yes, IT WILL BE ENOUGH. Thanks for this pictures!
What an absolutely beautiful love poem with praise to the Father. My favorite lines:
I've nothing of my own to give,
But still by faith I will proceed.
Powerful, moving poem! I especially like the final stanza.
Very beautiful poem! It's just lovely.
Wonderful! That first stanza really paints a vivid picture. Good job!!
Well Done,
Great progression. Every one can relate to these thoughts but not everyone gets to the same conclusion - too bad... Thanks for the vulnerbility and hope you poem expresses
You have a real talent for poetry. Your entry was awsome.
Very nice! I like the change and the ryhming stanza. My only note is the third line in the second stanza...didn't seem to quite flow with the rest of it. Apart from that, lovely! ^_^
Wonderful warm poem, overall very well done. I wonder why you substituted a comma for a simicolon in the fourth stanza?
Not everyone can put their emotions and thoughts into such lovely, poetic form and leave a message everyone can understand. Nice job! Keep up the great work.
I like this. I like it a lot. Thanks!
All of our confidence lies with Christ.
Loved the emphasis on your confidence in Christ. Very reflective.
Had to read this twice to catch on that this was a man writing about a new found love; a sweetheart. It dawned on me that the "she" was something I'd overlooked. Now, it all makes sense - and it is really lovely. I loved it!
Very beautiful word usage here. This is a joy to read yet one to connect with.


A true poem. Traditional poetry would frown at the occasional (slant?) rhyme and occasional stumbling meter. But the imagery and metaphors more than make up for it.
I like the way you began and ended with the laurel theme.
It took me a few reads to grasp what it was actually saying. But does poetry necessarily have to say anything beyond the expressed overflowings of the heart?
This was really well written poetry. Don't worry about traditional poetry! Slant rhymes and varying meter make this poem much more interesting to read. This was also tgought-provoking, challenging to the reader and introuced a "Reader's Surprise", as all good poems must do! I loved it, you have a talent to be used by God. Don't give it up!
Hey, man... I felt this poem hit right home. You give good, practical advice here. So when I'm feeling like I've got nothing left to offer, I'll remember to offer the cross. And if it is denied, she wasn't right for me to begin with. But if she's right, then it will be enough. Thanks, man.