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CUTE! CHARMING! A great story!
SUPER story for very young children with a parent in the military.
The name Bodoggy is so cute! and what little kid doesn't like a story about a puppy. This was fun!
What a sweet little story. Love the dog's name, and his realistic emotions. Great job!
You had me wondering what the surprise was going to be, and I didn't expect the ending, so it worked! I think children like puppy stories and would like this one, too.
This is a great children's story. They love it when the characters are animals. Nice story and very well told.
You always manage to come up with something creative and different and well written. Bodoggy! Now how many parents are going to say "Huh?" when their children read this and ask for a "bodoggy"?
Wonderful story for children who are missing their father's because of war. Loved the animal characters. Good job.
Charming and relevant to today's enviroment. Kids can so easily identify with the Bodoggy and that's what makes this special.
You got me with the ending! Good job! I love the names you chose.
This is charming,and simplistic, which is perfect for a children's story. I'm sure lots of kids whose dads (or moms) are away in the service could especially relate to this. You get a medal. ;0)
I agree, you should get a medal for finding such a wonderful way to relate to our children that have been waiting on military daddy's (and momma's) to come. Well done! -from a soldier's mom.
Nice. The ending was little bit of a let down. I guess I didn't quite catch the car ride part. The name of Bodoggy was cute, but a little overused in the front, otherwise, I liked the little world you created with just dogs. Very nice.
This was great. My husband is away on and off with military stuff, and his homecoming is a highlight of my children's life. For anyone who's ever been in this situation, this is a wonderful story. I'm going to read it to my kids.
In my opinion, perfectly written for children. I like the ending, myself. I was seeing myself closing the book and sighing after reading it to my nieces. :) I love this line: "The only other time he had to stay after school was when he pulled Sweetpuppy’s hair. That was not a fun day at all." It made me grin. Well done!