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Such powerful writing, I was snared with the first sentence, and none of the rest did anything to disappoint. Although I am familiar with this story, you did a great job telling it from the dog's point of view. And, I have to add, I am impressed with the caliber of writing. This is one great story delivered by a super writer.
I was interested from the first sentence, wondering what adventure the dog would have. Then I was so glad his person and he were both safe. A good story!
Oops! Sorry about calling Lady "he."
I liked how you told the story from the dog's perspective. You packed a lot of emotion into a short story.
I thought the reveal or structured hint was a little slow in developing, but the storyline centered on a dog's thoughts was very well done.
Nice POV - I enjoyed this, thought it read a bit slow to start.
Creative POV! Good job, I enjoyed this one.
Admitedly, I'm a sucker for MC that have an animal's POV - so I really, really liked this. Her calling her master "person" tripped me up a bit, but once I got into the story I was okay with it.
An enjoyable read! The dog's POV was just perfect, I liked hearing the thoughts running through the story and the end where everything turned out okay after all. Quite the adventure! ^_^
I, too loved the POV, Rita. And, I have discovered, not an easy one to do well, but you nailed it in such a way that you suspended my disbelief. I was quite prepared to accept that a dog could understand the concept of dejavu. Really enjoyed it. yeggy
I truly liked this story from the dog's point of view. I honestly felt tension for the dog when he was frightened and left alone. Well-written!
I love animal stories, especially when told from the animal's point of view. You told the story well, keeping up the reader's interest, and the suspense, to the end. Loved this story.
A wonderful account of relationship between a woman and her animal friend.