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Oh, I like!! The form and delivery add to the message--and what a message. Sharing and praying with friends, and then how God repaired the hearts. Very good! :-)
Great message and so very well written. I liked this one a lot.
Nice ending. & I liked the start, too!
Very nice! I especially like your title and the ending.
The rhythm drew me, but the message held me.
This is good! It reads easily and has a great message. Very nice.
Wonderful form and flow. This was a great read.
Per your request, I'd love to give you some 'helpful' feedback on the content but it's just too beautifully written.

Nice pace, message, good word choices. Well done.
Excellent! I love it. I so admire those who are able to actually write poetry. I just pretend! :)
Ya changed the title on me ... had to wait until hinting! Love the rhyyme and meter. Very simply stated message and stated so clearly within the poetic form.
I really like the format you used. Good message, too. This is nicely done.
Wonderful story and great message in this well-structured poem! I have taken many prayer walks in my life, and on them I have both ministered to and been ministered unto! Good job! :)
That is so good! A great message so well crafted. Consistent in form right through. Negative comments? Hmmmm.. That's a tough one! :)
Beautiful poetry here. Much depth in the pov.
Thank God for main characters like this. The world needs more.
I love a poem when you can feel the writer's heart. Great job, superb message. A-plus!
God bless.
A well written message - an extended prayer.
Very nice. There is serenity in the picture painted by these words. Thanks for sharing this
Neat poem - I really liked the ending!
Great form! May we all take more "Prayer Walks." Blessings!
Such a beautiful message and poem. Well done!
I LOVED the simplicity of everything about this. It's perfect all around.

I loved it - truly.
Oh my, this is precious! I love how so few words in poetry can paint masterpiece pictures in the reader's mind. You do it so well in rhythm and rhyme and with the perfect message-clincher at the end. I think this is another one for the "favorites!" Thank you, too, for commenting on my sonnets-entry. Much appreciated, Friend!
Smooth, simple, and sweet. This was an easy read with a powerful and compelling message. Nice work!
Hooray Joanne! You're a winner! Always a winner, but this time again in Faith Writers' Challenge! This is well deserved.
Yea Joanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is wonderful and a well-deserved win.
This is beautiful, Joanne!
Congratulations on a well-deserved win!
Congrats Joanne! This was simply beautiful! ^_^
Congratulations Joanne--This was simply beautiful. I loved the structure and story within this lovely poem.
Hey girl! Way-to-go! Congratulations - this is a very special poem. Love,
Joanne, this is utterly fabulous - the poem and the message. Congrats!!!
A fantastic job Jo! And a kudos for your EC nomination. So happy for you - and I agree with the Judges, this is truly a great poem with true heart - and a sincere message! Congratulations!
I must confess that I am neither a writer nor reader of poetry. But this one's simplicity and easy flow was a delight to read. And the message is just wonderful. What an excellent piece of writing! And congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS, Joanne! This is a very special poem, and I'm glad it won! :)
This is beautifully written. Congrats!
Congratulations. This is really well written. Such a powerful, yet simple, message. Loved the meter and flow. Good job.
Wow! Good job. Congratulations on your 3rd place win.
Joanne, I havent been around much the last couple of weeks, which is why I haven't got around to reading or congratulating you until now.
Anyway, this is lovely - very simple, very heartfelt, very beautiful. Congratulations! (Does this move you up to level 4? :) )
Wow Joanne. This is simply beautiful. I love poetry anyways as you can se that alot of my entries are just that. I love the way you show how God shows himself through our service. The Lord has shown me too over and over again when I am in need of an answer or I'm feeling down if I become a servant and reach out to others not only am I helping another but my soul is lifted too. Praise God. You rhyme and meter is awesome! Thank you so much too hon for your kind encouraging words to my previous submissions. Nice job Joanne!Way to girl. Congrats on winning 3rd place.You deserved it!!:0)Janice
Very nice article! This evening as I was spending time with the Lord and friends updating our blogs, we decided to browse your blog. Everyone in the room expressed 'Wow!!! It very nice! Very creative! God bless!