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This is classically written, like one a high school English teacher would use to show students the beauty of the genre. I enjoyed this very much.
Nice message with a pleasant, easy flow.
This is great. The flow is wonderful.
Beautiful! Very well written. Wonderful pov.
The last verse was my favorite but love everything about the poem...excellent message and descriptions. I could see the old cemetery.
Wonderful imagery!

Makes me want to know more about the lives of these people...a nice touch on your part.
I like how you so clearly showed that even though the stones that mark the grave of lives lived long ago were forgotten, there were real people behind the names, who will live again.
Very contemplative and lovely. I also loved the last stanza especially.
Some great stanzas. Very descriptive. Extremely nice job. God bless.
I really enjoyed this. Especially liked alot of the words you chose which, to me, gave it an "older" feel which worked well considering the subjects. Nice uplifting ending and the poem flowed well.
Very nice and picturesque. With the ultimate hope at the end. Nice writing!
I always enjoy your writing...a wonderful gift you have been blessed with!
You presented so well the wonderful hope of the Christian.
Good message, good flow. A nice job overall.
I loved the sentiment and feeling in this well-written poem! A few years ago, I stood among a few worn, vandalised grave markers in a grove of trees on a farm. The scene moved me so much that I, too, wrote a poem about it. Your piece reminded me of that day. Thank you for sharing this touching poem.
Depressing and hopeful all at the same time (that's a good thing that you were able to capture both emotions!) Beautifully written.