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Oh wow! Oh wow! I'm speechless! This is awesome, awesome, awesome!

Lengthy ode to poetry and to the Lord as well. Good job.
I have so many favorites in this wonderful, wonderful extended metaphor, but I think this one takes the cake:

Will poetry die? I wonder.
I believe when this world, gone awry, revolves with such speed
as to cause man no time for leisurely notice of details, his only choice
to run in circles of chaos; and imagination has ceased to make comparison,
poetry will fold her hands and wait for burial in some distant unmarked grave.


This is more than poetry, this is an experience. I am breathless from the beauty this carries, the strong, strong writing. Amazing, amazing, wow!
I like your thoughts and sentiment. Great job.
One of my favorites with beautiful imagery for the new birth of spring!
oops...The previous comment is for the one before this. This is another of my favorites for the ordinary written in with the extraordinary, the imagery, and the idea of God as poet.
A masterpiece! This is truly art. But one of my favorite lines began "Then little i" Fantastic!
Exceptional in every way. Love the imagery!
I loved this. This is my favorite that I've read so far. I especially appreciated the part of poetry coming again.
Great job, keep up the good work!
Okay. Wow! I echo the comments before me. ^_^ This is very nice, well written and presented. I enjoyed reading it very much. My only note, was the end where everything was sort of 'stressed' (from my POV!) about the ordinary, to when in the beginning, it was easy for me to just get lost in the deepness and abstract world, sort of. Your imagery is absolutely masterful. There was many amazing lines that really spoke the heart of this piece. My only complaint is I wish the ending had something a little more, but that's probably just me. Well done! ^_^
Wow, this is awsome! Well done.
This is in a word: Beautiful!
It just kept getting better and better and my soul soared with your words and the truth in the emotions they unveiled. Great work, truly!
I love springtime -- and I love your imagery so neating woven in this beautiful poem!
The right place for sure this time! Heartfelt congratulations on a win for a wonderful poem!
Way-to-go Lady Leigh! One of my very most fav's this week and I'm so glad to see it on 'the list.' It is si deserving.

Enjoy the clouds Lady Leigh.

Leigh, my friend, my sister, you did it! I knew this was going to be your week. Wonderful, wonderful, and a well deserved EC!!