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Oooh a Sci Fi romance! This was a good read, I was engrossed in the characters and whether the fiance would choose God or himself. I was interested all the way through. Good job!
Awww, this is sweet! You did two genres in one, and such a fun job with both of them.

The first several paragraphs had an awful lot of narration ("telling") and several unfamiliar names to master. You might think about ways to incorporate that background information in the the words and descriptions of your POV character. It felt as if we were several paragraphs in before the actual story started.

But it was great, once it got really rolling! I enjoyed it immensely.
Enjoyed the romance of this. Would have loved a bit more "showing" in this, but it was definitely an engaging read.
Oh, I love a happy ending. This is unique and engtertaining. I got a bit bogged down at first, but it was still a good read. Nicely done.
What a cute ending with Greja batting her eyes at Horch and speaking so coyly! :D This is an intersting piece with a good message to it!
Sweet--a scifi romance! :-) After a bit of a slow start it was nice to see how things worked out. Glad she made a good choice. :-)
Thank you for putting a little womance in our week! My kind of sci-fi!! Oh yeah, it's superbly written!
I really enjoyed this scifi/romance with a message.
Scifi romance! How refreshing and oh so nice!

Lovely plot and message ... Kudos!
Sci-fi and romance together, an interesting combination. You pulled it off though and I enjoyed reading it. I love happy endings.