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Very nice! Speaking technically, I loved how well-crafted all the sentences were, and how everything made sense and flowed well. This is just a snippet of an intriguing story that should be expanded.

However, you leave me wondering why he was released. Was there a religious coup? Did the warden get saved? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)
Oh my! This was very well written and the names and terms so ... so, well ... Sci-Fi! Excellant job and an exciting read.
I loved the descriptions and the last line was just superb. A wonderful message!
Well done! I too would have liked a little hint as to why he was released, but otherwise this was well done. You used the technology well.
Tightly written, and an entertaining. Good message, too. I have to echo the others sentiments as to why he was released. I'd love to know. This was really good!
Wow--the truth literally set him free. Good job!
I love how the truth set him free and his resolve to get better acquainted with Scripture. Good job! :-)
Well written. Good story.
One can read lots of things into this story. I loved how it done, leaving the reader to fill in some of the blanks. Great story.
Ooooo! I need more! This is a great beginning of MORE! You've got MY interest going!Well done!
Some great visuals and super message. God's Word is just as powerful today and in the future as it was when He first spoke it and it was written.
I enjoyed this on sooo many levels. Yes, indeed, the truth will set us free! Sci-fi with a fantastic message!
Very interesting story with great descriptions of Julru's cell and his life in it! I'm curious,though, as to why his captors would suddenly ask him to repeat a Bible verse and then let him out? Was it all a test of his character? The ending left some questions I wish could be answered! Maybe you could write a sequel! :D
Very well written and interesting. Great job.

Another very good entry. Well written, visual and interesting. And yes, the truth set him free.
God bless.
Hi Joanne, I came to read this after I saw on the boards how much you despised writing it. I'm sorry to say that I love it. It is wonderful. I love the message, it is very well-written and I like that it wasn't overflowing with aliens and flying saucers. I think it is great! (sorry) Love, Teri
Yes, Joanne. I must say you've done us proud again. This is an enjoying read with a great message (even if it is sci-fi). He he.
Wow, a very multi faceted story, a great read - thanks for sharing.
Another great story my friend. I loved how you wove this one together!
You really did a wonderful job with this story! It was a gret read. So now you might become a full-time sci-fi writer? Hmmmmm?
Wonderful job, yet again. :) I love the way you left us wondering just enough... Great writing!
After all has been said, I can only add my "dittos!" to above comments, and, let you know that you blessed me with your story and the scripture passage, which was my mother's favorite. Thank you, too, for leaving a comment on my sci-fi story. I sure appreciate you!
Held my interest throughout. Good story, Joanne!
This was very exciting, it held my attention from first word to last.

Made me wonder if all he had to do the whole time was say aloud Christ Jesus and he would have been free.