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Neat! I loved the picture you painted of John, I could see him, but my favorite part was the last paragraph! :-)
This is like a Biblical episode of Heroes on TV. This was very well done, I enjoyed it very much!
In my opinion, this is a perfect winner. I love the idea of the MC's gift, allowing her to slip between the pages of an old manuscript and enter another age. This deserves developing into about a movie?
Her gift reminds me of us as writers--those of us who write historical fiction also slip into the pages and watch it come alive. There were a few minor spots that seemed a little disjointed, but otherwise good job!
Ooh, very good! I love the idea of the different "gifts," and how this one is about to backfire against the government "religion."
Well written story.
I was completely captivated from beginning to end. Love the idea of this, and, of course, the ending. Wonderful writing!
I absolutely LOVE this! Alexis is an awesome character and I especially like the fact that she has 'special' gifts. The gift is amazing. You also painted John in a new light as well. Kudos for such awesome and amzing writing. This is definitely one of my favorites this week. The setting was realistic and the descriptions were excellent. Wonderful! ^_^
Brilliant! Love it!
Excellently written story with a superbly creative concept! The title fits perfectly.
Very cool (a few typos/missing words). I enjoyed it :)