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Having a family tie-in to an event in history is certainly special. I enjoyed this account, whether it is 100% accurate or not.
That's truly a great story! I love family histories ^_^ You did a great job at the description of the scene; I felt like I was there right alongside them!
You held my interest with this as I love spy stories. I also love horses. Great job retelling this family history.
I loved this! The descriptions were just detailed enough that I got the whole picture, without it being cluttered with othe unessecary words (that I don't understand!). What makes it even better is that this is a true story! I think the note about how it ties into your family history is very cool. Fits the topic well. How can you get much more historic than that?
Great glimpse into history and even better because it's personal. Good job.
Very good! I felt the cold and the rain right along with them.
Cool! I love family stories. Your title hooked me in and the first lines kept me reading. Very good!!
Excellent description and sense of place. Such a visual piece. I believe you, by the way ;) A wonderfully engaging read.
Good story. Well written.
Terrific read...from the title to the superb ending!
This was a great read and I love that it is tied to your own family tree! Great job!
I really enjoyed this and I'm not even American - though I have thousands of relatives who are!
Left me wanting more-
Hmm. I like this, it's interesting.
great details and very "real" ... you did really good!
Great writing here. I could see the horses and feel the rain. Well done.