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Whoa! This is excellent. I loved the way you chose to go with the genre. I thought the story was marvelous and then I read the footnote and liked it even more. I like the addition of the apple - the forbidden fruit - I knew as soon as the shiny red apple made an appearence we were in for trouble. I enjoyed this immensely. Excellent work!
Well done. I love the topic that you chose. Very original and well written.
I love this subject and have always wanted to learn more. I knew about Sarah Goode, but not her daughter. Well written and authentic. I wish there could be more to read, but word count! This presents the hysteria of that time and the evil involved in condemnation of innocent people.
Loved this! How you wrote it from the little girl's perspective was spot on. I too, knew about Sarah Goode, and I even knew she had a daughter that was arrested, but I wasn't aware that she didn't die and that she was so young.
Interesting read, and I learned something. I had not heard of the daughter before. You did a good job of placing the reader in the story. Well done.
I agree with comments above--an outstanding tale. You had me hoping against hope she wouldn't take the man's hand! Nice job making history live for us today.
I have taught the information about the Salem Witch trials. Nineteen women and one man were executed during that time, just in Salem, many more along colony road.
You have captured much of the personality of the events. An interesting read.
This brought back memories - in high school, I played Mary Warren in "The Crucible." This piece is equally exciting (although quite a bit shorter LOL) Great writing and a creative take on "historical." Loved it! :-)
An excellent story set during this horrible time in America's history. I've always been fascinated by the Salem witch trials, and wasn't disappointed by this sad tale. Well done!
I loved your POV, and I was torn, along with Dorothy whether or not to trust the man. You captured things so well my heart broke. Good job!! :-)
The character that affected me the most was that father--how dare he just shrug! You captured a whole personality in that one gesture--well done!
Excellent job bringing this story to life!
I love reading history, and you brought this period alive with your strong characterization. Mastercrafted!
Well done! Very interesting topic here. I'd like to see it turned into a novel about how this event in her life affected Dorothy (as hinted at in the footnote). I particularly liked the child's innocence and insistence upon her mother's.
From a males perspective, I too was amazed at the father's reaction. A very eye opening account. Quality writing as well.
This is yet another example of man's inhumanity to man. Sad, yes, but the stories need to be told and retold so we don't forget. And you did it so well!
Excellent job, Joanne!
This couldn't have been easy to write. It was hard to read, not because of the masterful way you wrote it, just the subject, which as has been commented on earlier, needs to be retold. Superb writing. Great skill. God bless.
You did such a good job on this! It was scary and sad and so infuriating how man could be so unjust.

Great writing Joanne!
Tremendous! I'm so glad I got to read this !!! Very, very well done. Kudos!
Very ironic and appropriate title! This is a frightening and sobering story about how rumors and falsehoods can infect a community and destroy people. Important message and good writing! :)
This is very good. Good writing. Of course, it's too short, but that's how we have to work with the challenges. Good job.
You had me from the first sentence. This was really good!
You've done a good job here. Excellent writing and well done. I do wish that she'd been able to prove that none of them were 'witches'.
I remember hearing this story when I learned about the Salem witch trials. Good job on the research here--it's hard to believe that something like this could happen.

I liket the POV of the little girl too--good characterization there.
You said you wanted honest critique, well, all I can say is ditto to all of the above comments! Wow what tremendous story telling. Reminds me of the play "The Crucible"
This is apparently a true story. If it wasn't a true story I would challenge the age of the child whose maturity exceeded that of the four year olds I've known. I guess circumstances influence our development as human beings. Good job.
Wow! Joanne, I feel like I just stepped off a page of history. My 9th great grandfather (Isaac Perkins)was a grand uncle to Mary (Perkins) Bradbury, who was tried and convicted for witchcraft in Salem, Mass. on Sept. 9, 1692. Fortunately, she was not executed. According to the court papers, she was held in high estimation. The agony of the families of those women comes through loud and clear in your story. Wonderful job of research and writing!
Joanne, What a great story you created from history! I really enjoyed it.