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Wow, this is very good. It's so true -- do I really understand and grasp what it means that He died just for me? Usually I don't 'get it' either -- I'm just one of many who He died for. But your piece really gets the message across. And very well written. Good job.
Oh wow, the vision in the bolded paragraph is so beautiful! You were so blessed to have received it. Thanks for sharing it with us.
The vision you described involving the two crowns is lovely and spoke to my heart. Thank you!
We all need to realize how important we are to Christ. We belong to him, therefore he cares about us. We have been purchased and really matter to him. Good point.
As I am myself another woman who is just beginning to internalize the truth of His death and my crown, I found this beautiful. Thanks, Cheri
So moving and wonderfully written. Awesome.
This was good and I would have liked to see it expanded. It seems too brief, as if there is more to this short interlude than meets the eye. Thank-you for sharing your gift.
The image of Christ's crown of thorns was wonderfully vivid, and then seeing it turn into a crown with jewels and given was something to treasure. Thanks for sharing this.
Oh, Joanney, this is such a keeper! Expressing your own vulnerability as you have here connects you to your readers like nothing else. Having experienced such a vision of Jesus has to be a precious comfort through the tough times. You are not only a great inspirational writer, YOU are an inspiration.

I also want to thank you for your comments on my Sparrow story. I sure appreciate you!
I agree with everything Edy has said above. Joanney, you are a blessing. This piece shared so much with us all. Thank you for every word written here. I'm so grateful.
The wonderful part of the vision is that it's going to come true. For all of us! What a lovely, poignant piece! I do take issue with the judges on this one, though. It very definitely should have placed high up on the totem pole!!
This is precious, Joanney. And so are you! This devotional is a like a personal letter of encouragement to the reader. I know there have been times when the Lord had to break through the barriers to let me know that He was truly taking care of me...nothing quite as awesome as this experience, but I knew Who was talking to me. Keep this memory alive in you, Joanney, for all the daily battle. Bless you for sharing this.
From a crown of shame and guilt to a crown of immeasurable worth. Beautiful descriptions and a powerful truth in your writing, Joanney.
Dittos to what I wrote in 2007. You're right. This does fit wonderfully into the topic for our Southern Porch writing incentive. I am glad for your reminder to read this again. Hugs to you, friend!
What a superb inspiration piece! How it should thrill the heart of everyone who reads it that we all have worth, that God looks at us though eyes of unfailing love and better yet, He never once turns His back on us, no matter what we've been accused of.

A lovely story which I enjoy now more than when I first read it,because I know you so much better now.
Joanney, I'm so glad you had this beautiful vision to replace the words of abuse from your childhood. You are, indeed, valuable in God's sight...and in those of us who love you.