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Lovely message, with wonderful detail throughout. I enjoyed this very much! Your last paragraph is beautiful.
Wow! What a touching story with a profound message at the end! Through your excellent descriptive writing, I could visualize the entire account. It almost brought me to tears! Thank you for sharing this!
This is wonderfully told. Thank you.
Gee, what a story! Very touching and thought provoking. Your writing style is so tender and unique. I felt as if I had experienced this story rather than just read it. Really great work!
Such a tender, loving story with a beautiful message. Truly enjoyed it!
Great, well-written story - and a heart-tugger, too!
Great story, well written!
I'd love to see this piece illustrated, or perhaps expanded as a YA novel. Very nice.
This is a very interesting read. Well written and an inspiration. I do think you meant to use "purposely adopted" instead of "purposefully adopted", but this is very minor. A wonderfully written piece.
A very touching piece of writing and message, especially the final paragraph.
Thank you for sharing Sock's story with us and reminding us to treasure the blessings, the moments that add so much to our lives. Well done. :-)
What a lovely, touching, and tender piece. I love how God uses His creation to reveal His heart to us.
I loved this story and the lessons in it. Well done.
Last summer we had a dove visit our horses too! But only for a couple of days.
Bless ya
May I say you write exceedingly well! Your word carpentry fascinated me as much as the story itself. I'm a soft touch where any animal is concerned and the thought of a grieving little dove hit me deep within. But oh what comfort there is in our Comforter, just like you were to Socks. A truly beautiful and very, very well written piece. If you aren't a winner, I'll be very surprised indeed.
This gave me goosebumps reading it. So beautiful and simple. Socks was wonderful, precious detail. I felt as if I knew her myself just reading through this. Inspiring and top notch! ^_^
I must agree with other comments, this is begging to be illustrated and expanded! Fantastic writing!
I liked this very much. Haven't had much time to read. very glad God led me here. Thanks for the blessing. God bless.
This was indeed a special story. Thanks for sharing, Cheri