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Great story. God bless all the Good Samaritans of this world. Thanks for sharing.
Great inspiration! "Lord, thank You for those who would stop to help a stranger in need. Add Your blessings on these the Samaritan’s of our world." Amen!
This gave me chills. How terrifying a moment, yet how incredible the thrill of knowing the Lord is watching at all times.
Great story! I like your writing style. great description. It's comforting to know God's providence!
Yikes! Scary, and then awe-inspiring. How blessed you were to have sunch an encounter!
A well told story, leading to a great lesson. I was on the edge of my seat as the van slid off the road! I call the Samaritans who come to our aid "earthly angels" - the people who follow Christ the way He meant us to, by loving our neighbor. Thanks for this example of that love.
I loved this as I share this story. I was 10 weeks pregnant on my way to the hospital of all things for blood work when I flipped our brand new van. I was hanging upside down in a small creek and a hand helped me and my dog, and I never saw them again. I guess they kept my dog and everything but when we tried to thank them, they could not be found. Vivid writing, you had my full attention.
Wow! Awesome job. You had me holding my breath as that van slid along the shoulder of the road.

The stretch of road you described sounds like a stretch of Hwy 12 in Louisiana. Any chance this is a true story? Blessings, Cheri
Yes - and I know the real story behind the story. ;)

Connecting and poignant. I liked the 'dark arm' lesson also - timely message.

Yes! Thank God for those who stop and help! I loved the imagery of: "We entered the heavy rain like diving into a pool." That's exactly how it is sometimes. :-)
What a story, vividly told! I was on the edge of my seat.
Wonderful story. There are good samaritans out there. This is a good accounting of the event.
This is such a dramatic story witnessing to a Biblical parable that is far easier to read than to live. Your article brings to life how important that Biblical principle truly is.
Thank-you for sharing.
Very well written and an excellent title. Thank God for His timely provision. Thanks also for sharing the story.
This reminds me of a story from the "His mysterious ways" in a guideposts magazine. It's inspiring and conveys a sense of hope throughout. I like it.
When overwrought, depressed or needing a "pick-me-up"...I read Challenges from the Inspirational and Devotional topic. Yours was a blessing, and I already feel better. I believe in angels - and perhaps you met one unawares. Who knows? A great story and an inspiration to all. Thanks.