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I like the clever twist of the title with the old movie of similar name. :o)

Hopefully you wanted to hit us right square in the gut with your ending...because that's certainly how it hit me! Seemed like too abrupt an ending, but when it comes to the subject of drug addiction, probably no more words were required to make your point. Sobering look at the allure of addiction.
Wow! You got me on that one. The title is absolutely perfect and the story flowed well with dialogue and realistic romance. I loved the ending because it was unexpected and I love when I'm duped by a good story. Excellent!
I didn't see that coming! Now I understand the title.
Hmmm...I didn't see that one heading right toward me, either. Intriguing title, and I chose to read this as the title held some interest for me. From passion to poison, sounds like the start of a novel.
Creative way to get a necessary message out. Yes, the ending was a surprise, making an impact...a much needed impact. Great writing!
Wow did not see the ending you created at all. It thought this was going to be some normal high school giddy romance. This was very well done. It sure gets the message across of how doing drugs can be. You spend all your time and energy just trying to find what you need.