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"I Love Lucy" was a great reference for this entry. I can't imagine! Good job!
Oh my goodness, I never saw that end coming! This could have almost ended up a tragedy! What a fun read, and great descriptions, I could smell those scorched potatoes!
This was funny; it brought back memories of my learning to cook as a new bride.
Comet? Oh well, don't feel bad, I didn't even know a turkey had to be cleaned; I thought they came clean. So much for my cooking ability. Cute story. Well written.
You definitely put us right into the MCs mind - and I loved the ending! I've made some mistakes somewhat reminiscent of these - thanks a million for the reminder LOL Seriously - a delightful read.
The charm of this is that it taps into a similar cooking disaster in almost every household, and thus elicits knowing grins. We're definitely all the same, in this regard!
This is hilarious! It sounds like something that would happen to me if I ever tried to prepare a turkey (thank goodness for vegetarians! ^_^) I could already the soap overflowing to the floor, but I think this could've expanded more into a slightly longer piece to smooth out a few of the jumps in time. Very fun though!
ROFL! "Comet cleans everything." Entertaining and sooo funny!
Being not much of a cook myself I can really identify with this! Ending really capped the story off well. Smiling. yeggy
Wow, a new use for Comet (NOT). Great job, I loved this!
This is funny stuff. Well done! This is why I am not allowed in the kitchen. Quick question though, how are you supposed to clean the turkey? Comet sounds logical to me. ;)
Other than repetative pronouns this is a delightful piece. Thanks for sharing.
I can identify with this. I made fudge with two cups of salt once! I put the bowl of liquid fudge on the table. You should have seen the faces of those who couldn't resist! Good job.
Good job, Shari. A truly enjoyable read with a kicker of an ending. Comet, huh? (eeeewwww)
Excellent! I did that soap thing with my first dishwasher. How was I to know? Love the end.
Cleaning the turkey with Comet? Oh, boy, I've heard everything! I can only guess how the pie turned out.

I haven't ever done that but I have scorched rice, potatoes, and noodles.

There were a few misspellings: "started pouring over the pages" should be "poring," "She pealed and cut up potatoes" should be "peeled," and "small dinning room table" is "dining." I would try to combine some sentences and actions so that "She" doesn't have to be used to begin so many of the sentences.

But as far as humor, this was truly an "I Love Lucy" day! Good job of capturing it!
Author's note -thanks for catching my boo boos. I honestly didn't realize how many times I'd used "she" till Dub pointed it out lol. Considering I cranked it out with 15 minutes to spare, I'm surprised y'all didn't find more boo boos lol.

Just for the record for folks who didn't see the hints - While I was the one who flooded the kitchen floor with bubbles and have scorched some food in my day, an old family friend did indeed clean her first turkey with Comet. Mom assures me that the lady in question did learn to cook - eventually :)
I felt Mary's pain...LOL! Very cute, and the beginning reminded me of stories my mother used to tell us of when she was an army wife.
These are definitely scrapes Lucy Ricardo would find herself in if she attempted to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for the Mertzs! :D Good job!
Laughed out loud at the end. A great fun piece.
Your title ties it all up perfectly, and I never saw the end coming. Funny. I loved this: She discovered herself in the middle of an “I Love Lucy” episode as she returned to her kitchen.
Thanks, Cheri
Nothing like coming clean with a good humor story.
In fact I just hid the Comet from under the kitchen sink and put it in the bathroom. Nicely done. God bless.
LOL - this is great, thanks for the laugh
This was very funny because I could certainly relate:) I'm still not much better of a cook than I was when first married:( Thank you for giving me a good laugh tonight!
This is funny. It felt like an episode of a slapstick comedy show. It being a true story makes it even funnier.
"Comet! It makes your face turn green,
Comet! It tastes like gasoline.
Comet! It makes you vo..." Uh-better stop there! Funny, Shari. Who was the "relative"?