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Cats are clever little furry delights! Purrfect ending to a purrfect story! LOL
Love the story,I never had a cat from hell, But in my home a pack of ferrets would wear him out, Good writing.
Very well written. You convey the psychology of cat and cat owner excellently.
I loved this story! All the characters--including Ceasar--came alive with the colorful descriptions and dialogue.

I could relate to this as we have three cats all with highly individual personalities (one is pretty feisty and two used to leap into our Christmas tree). And when we tried to squirt one of them with a water bottle, she would lick the water off her fur with obvious pleasure!
Great title, action and dialogue. I loved the line about not being bested by a cat, fear and respect. classic!
Very interesting! I love cats and Ceasar sounds a tiny bit like Snowflake-who begs to come in by scratching nonstop on the door and then wandering around like crazy and kicking up a racket until I let her out the front door, which is all she usually wants. ^_^ Very good descriptions and realistic dialouge.
A delightful entry! I loved the contest and knew who would win!
Dogs have owners, cats have staff. How true! Great work.
You might want to consider writing this story for Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul (www.chickensoupforthe They print humor. My wife agreed to cat sit her friend's cat. Had Maggie and Ceasar gotten together they would have been the Bonnie and Clyde of the cat world. When Maggie was punished she pooped on the kitchen table. She didn't last long in our otherwise Christian home. Her owner recognized the peril her cat was in and made an almost instant rescue. Maggie strutted in defiance the instant Linda's friend walked thru the door.
Good story. I've never tried to train a cat. But, I agree, "outside with you!" I'm wondering what's going to happen the next 23&1/2 months? The husband is no help.
I really enjoyed this piece as I was judging. You did a exceptional job of crafting the entry, not to mention that that you have a great story. I read it aloud to my mom, and the expressive words made the story come alive to her. Blessings,