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Oh I love this! This is simply too cute. The classic opposites attract is shown in a new light this way. I love the character of Hank, especially the last few lines with a 'girly' tree house. This must have been fun to write! Good job with the dialouge too. ^_^
Very cute! Lots of great lines - and I've been known to cry during commercials, too. There were some places that needed commas, but the tale and your writing flowed well. I really enjoyed it. Wonderful!
Extremely cute and fun. I can tell you had a blast writing this. Definitely good for some laughs. Sweet and Sower - perfect!
This was a "fun" piece. It's obvious Hank is going to be a good husband.
The characters shine. Good work.
I can almost 'see' your characters. Good description. I enjoyed the read. For the record, I met my husband on a blind date, twenty-three years ago! Blessings, Cheri
I agree . . . your characters were marvelous and love the names - that was a masterful touch. Very cute story.
I laughed out loud about the gun type!! Well done - creative and good pace.
Hilarious account of why "love is grand" or is it "love in a tree stand"? I could feel your love and patience here. Good job.
A very endearing story, lighthearted story. Well told. Good characters. Strong sence of place. Just one tense shift 'take' should be 'took.'
The two last names are perfect for a story about contrasts. Good voice for the narrator and you kept it in character all the way through. Very good!
Very funny with more that a few LOL moments. I could definitely hear his voice and the contrasts were great.
TOO funny!!! Love it
Just precious. My favorite line: "When sis informed me this was not taking place in the Sears tool aisle but a beauty salon, I threw a fit."
I didn't see the ending coming at all, but I absolutely loved it. Very well done.
LOL this is really well done. Great job
Thanks was my wife that dragged me off on a venison run. Opposites do attract. But it was me that hauled her off to the race track. My grandfather said "love goes where it's sent and it's sent in some pretty devlish places" but it sounds like God loved you when he sent Laci your way. Good story.
Oh, I loved this. A story straight from my neck of the woods. Gotta love it. Great job. God bless.
Hank's name was perfect for the story, and loved the title. God bless.
You know how to tell a story so well. Wonderful characters held my attention and were quite believable. Thank you for a delightful read!
I reread it and enjoyed it again.
I enjoyed reading this. Julie!
Loved it AGAIN - great job on characterization. So much fun!
I can see why you enjoyed these two characters so much. The banter reminds me of the movie "The Egg and I"

You have a talent for engaging your readers with your story line. Great job.