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I'll always think of that when my pastor takes a sip. You gave a great perspective to church experience, with the right touch of humor. Nice work!
An article for imaginative mathematicians, which I happen not to be! I lost much of my humour in the maze of all the details on measurements. Sorry I couldn't do the addition with you. But I certainly laughed at the organist who landed in the lap of the guitarist!
A minister really does see some strange things from his vantage point. As a preacher's kid, I heard some great ones from my dad. My favorite anecdote of yours was the pianist landing in the guitar player's lap. You have someIntereting anecdotes.
Good rendition of the view from the pulpit. Many funny stories arise I'm sure. Much like the ones you just shared.
I definitely enjoyed this "pastors-eye view." Definitely chuckled, and will certainly look at the "pastoral sip" with new eyes from now on.
Enjoyed this story from beginning to end, and I can only imagine that there are indeed more tales to tell! Funny, delightful and well written!
I liked the voice throughout - I also liked how you ended it- Nice work! The events were funny and well told:)
My favorite was the "Jimmy" story, but they were all entertaining.

One nitpick: "aisle" instead of "isle".

What is masterful about this is the set-up (the reason for the cough-and-sip) and the payoff. Beautifully constructed.
You made a good fist of stringing these amusing anecdotes together. I'm smiling. yeggy
Having worked as a parish secretary on a couple occasions, I appreciated these behind the scenes tales. Funny, interesting, tied together well at the end. Good job.
A very different and hilarious outlook on 'church life'. I love the little stories woven in here. There were a few typos, like "foot stood, should've been Foot stool" (I think ^_^) My favorite story was the teenage girl who locked all the bathroom
I'll never look at that glass of water the same way again! ROFL!
Creative take on the topic. I like the story of Jimmy's sister screaming the best. It would be nearly impossible to keep a straight face after hearing *that.* Kudos.
What a warm, sweet story. I can feel the affection in it. This is lovely and I thank you for sharing it.
Loved the bit about the pianist and the guitar player. Now I'm really going to be watching my pastor... Ha! Blessings, Cheri