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Brilliant job! Mystified this reader all the way to the ("I assume") nearest bathtub. Enjoyed the search, the suspense and the mystery story! Kudos!
Fun title! Great suspense. Nicely done.
I have two of my own and I worry about them all the time, too! You'd think they were kids - well, actually, THEY think they ARE the kids and that they run the show. I was with you all the way through this. Good work.
Spellbinding! I enjoyed it.
A cute story told very well! (I could almost smell the cat.)
Neat story, well told. I loved your descriptions and worried with you about finding Dexter.
Good writing here. Liked the husband's nonchalance and the humorous/rebellious attitude of the cat lover.
This was fun! And cute! I've gone looking for my own two cats more than once in all hours and kinds of weather! I love the lines in there, especially the one with the frog and prince at home. That was so funny, I laughed all the way to the end. You brought the mystery to a satisfying end with a logical explanation to Dexter's whereabouts. Great writing! ^_^
This was great from title to finish. Well done!!!!
Mastercrafted! Enjoyed the read!
What I truly enjoyed about this entry is how I (as a reader) could so easily identify with what was going on. Good job!
Very well done! I loved the toad distraction; it broke the tension you built up. So true to life. I enjoyed this piece. I only wonder, who picked up the trash? This from the side of the person whose trash gets rifled through by the neighbor's dog every so often. Blessings, Cheri
Just delightful and suspenseful. I just LOVED the whole toad thing. Gave me a good giggle! You definitely kept me intrigued until the end!