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This feels like Harper Lee, and is just a marvelous piece of writing!
Wonderful story and superb writing!
I can feel the Southern heat because you captured the surroundings and times so well. Excellent dialogue too.
I liked this down to earth type story of how "things used to be"...and brought back memories, both good and bad of years gone by. Thanks for the enjoyable trip down Memory Lane...children always see things differently than grown-ups, too bad they have to grow up and learn about the Real World. Great Job!
A wonderful and well written story. I love the dialogue, great job with mammy's and the MC's voices. Some great lines like "made my heart feel like peach ice cream." I really got the feel of the time and place. I loved the footnote, too. I hadn't realized I was reading about a real person. Great writing!!
Just wonderful and neat! You have some wonderful, wonderful lines in here. You capture the childlike wonder of your MC (you, right?) - and I have to admit I was surprised by the attitudes of the whites in the 50's. I guess you forget how close we were to that timewise. This was so authentic!
This was music to my ears. You've got a winner here! Authentic, all right. Sounds like my daddy's kinfolk. In fact, every summer we'd drive to Louisiana to visit my daddy's relatives....and, every summer, I'd be this little girl, unaware of the difference between colored and white people. You've got the voices and the dialog down pat. Not easy to do, either. Funny. It seemed like this story went on for a long, enjoyable time. I was thinking, "How does this writer say all this in 750 words?" Amazing sweet the words...that impressed a wretch like me. GREAT JOB!
Wow! I was mesmerized! I loved it! I was drawn in hook, line and sinker. Wow!
Amen to every wonderful comment above! I sat here and read it aloud in a southern accent and it flowed beatifully, genuinely. The story is marvelous. Great writing, Leigh!
This is a treasure chest holding masterful work. I love the genre, and your writing style and ultimately the story's message. What more can I say, other than don't stop writing, ever.
Oh, this was a great read. I love the paragraph where the little girl's father is talking to her at the dinner table.
You've given this piece an authentic voice. Very well done.
Well written and a great voice. I loved the innocence of the MC.
Fascinating story with just the right historical touch! This was so well-written and a joy to read! :)